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This web site respects author copyright : 

The author's copyright applies to all protected works reproduced and visible on this site.
Unless expressed permission is granted, the use and reproduction of all works is strictly
limited to private use only. In order to publish or broadcast the works,
permission must be granted by the ADAGP or its foreign correspondents'
and acquitted from corresponding royalty charges:

11, rue Berryer
Tel: (33)
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ADAGP is the French collective administration organization for the rights of authors in the visual arts (painting, sculpture, photography, multimedia, etc.).

ADAGP members benefit from better control over the uses of their works and better collection of their royalties.

Main missions of ADAGP :

  • Collecting and distributing economic rights to its members for the use of their works.
  • Defending all its members' rights against any third party, including through legal proceedings.
  • Defending Authors' Rights (Intellectual Property Law).
Rights administered : ADAGP collects and distributes rights for artists in the following areas :
  • Reproduction rights (books, posters, press, merchandising...),
  • Representation rights (audiovisual productions, computer displays...),
  • Droit de suite (resale rights),
  • Private copy,
  • Reprography,
  • Multimedia.
ADAGP's scope of activity covers not only France but the whole world, through its network of foreign sister societies which oversee members' rights on their territories. Reciprocally, ADAGP manages foreign societies' repertoires in France. Users of works can thus clear all rights with only one organization. ADAGP is represented in a wide number of foreign countries thanks to representation agreements signed with its sister societies.

Moral rights, which are inalienable, indefeasible and non transferable, remain the prerogative of the authors or their rights-holders and cannot therefore be protected by ADAGP.

Projects and organizations in which ADAGP participates : 

ADAGP is a member of AFPIDA (Association Française pour la Protection Internationale du Droit d'Auteur: French Association for the International Protection of Authors' Rights), which is represented in ALAI (Association Littéraire et Artistique Internationale: International Literary and Artistic Association), founded in 1878, whose mission is to establish legal principles for the international protection of intellectual property.

ADAGP is a member of CISAC (Confédération Internationale des Sociétés d'Auteurs et Compositeurs), the international federation of 209 authors' rights organizations in every domain (music, literature, visual arts, performing arts), which contributes to improving intellectual property rights throughout the world.

ADAGP is a member of GESAC (Groupement Européen des Sociétés d'Auteurs et de Compositeurs: European Association of Authors' and Composers' Societies), where the European Union's rights organizations work together to secure the highest level of protection for authors' rights / copyright.

For further informations, please visit the ADAGP website : http://www.adagp.fr/ENG/static_index.php

Picasso Administration : 

Picasso Administration
8, rue Volney
75002 PARIS
Tel : (33)
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Les Héritiers Matisse : 

Les Héritiers Matisse
61, quai de la Tournelle
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